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Who’s Christian Grey? Beautiful Disaster Review


Who’s Christian Grey? ( I bet that title got your attention!) That’s EXACTLY how I felt when I finished this book! Travis “Maddog” Maddox beats Christian Grey and Channing Tatum hands down in my opinion.   (I know that Channing Tatum comment is hard to believe. I can’t even believe I can admit it!) He is your typically bad boy on campus. So, what happens when the only guy never to ask for a girls number, meets the good girl that doesn’t give him the time of day? You get the most Beautiful Disaster ever written!

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire is by far the best book I have ever read. I have read this book 4 times. (I could read it 100 more times and that still wouldn’t be enough!).  This book is written from the point of view of Abby Abernathy.

When Abby Abernathy goes to Eastern University with her best friend America, she is trying to escape everything she has known growing up.  When she comes face to face with Travis Maddox, Eastern University’s own bad boy, at an underground fighting event there is something about him too familiar.

This book by far has met every expectation I imagined.  After reading Fifty Shades of Grey and a few other titles, I thought lets see what this book is all about… I am certainly glad I did!  Fifty Shades was a great read, and I actually enjoyed the storyline rather than what everyone else was so excited about!  LOL!  I felt like who actually would do that?  Are there people really like that?  It just didn’t seam REAL to me.  It seemed so far fetched from my Southern self.  Beautiful Disaster is the total opposite.  I could TOTALLY see this story being someone’s real life story.  I feel that the reason I love this book so much isn’t about the boy with the muscles or the tattoos.  It’s about the story.  If I think about college and all the crazy stuff that goes on, this book could be someone’s life changing event.  The first time I read this story, I was in such a hurry to finish because I HAD to know the outcome.  The second time, I really tried to understand Abby’s pov.  The third time, I thought about Travis’ pov, feelings, and what it was really like to be on his side of the tracks.  The fourth time, was to really read like I was going to review the story… and this has been tough!

This has been so hard to not to give away the events in this story.  So I’ll finish up by giving a few words that describe my feeling or important thoughts before, during, and after reading Beautiful Disaster… in no particular order…

Wow, 1 month, addicted, charmer, Real, College Life, impulsive, fight, beautiful, bet, disaster, Genius, Best Friend, poker face, love, darkness, exception, hate, one, tattoos, wrist, Christian Grey who?, pigeon, beloved, hot temper, struggle, kick, scream, happy, angry, broken, belong to each other, Yours, forever, forgiven, Vegas…. And that’s just a start!

Beautiful Disaster is exactly what it says in the title.  When things are good they are beautiful, but when they are bad they are a disaster. As of right now, I am patiently waiting the release of Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire.  It will be exactly what I was looking for when I read it the third time!  Count down is in effect 102 days and counting!


Here’s a link to Jamie McGuire’s website  On her website, you will find other books shes written as well a the prologue to Walking Disaster.  Do NOT read it until you read Beautiful Disaster!


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