A little bit of bliss!

kiss me

Ever wanted the chance to start completely over? (New name, school, friends) This is exactly what happens when Keatyn’s safety is put in jeopardy by an attempted kidnapping. This is Kiss Me: The Keatyn Chronicles #2 by Jillian Dodd

Keatyn is sent off to a private boarding school due to a stalker. Within the first week, she has been everything she felt she couldn’t be back home. She has a new name and attitude. She refuses to be a mean girl or sit at their table. She does everything she wanted to do at her old school, but was thought of as “lame” by her bff Vanessa. Within the first week, she has made the dance and soccer team. She refuses to fall in love, but that is very hard considering the “Hottie God” has some strange power over her. What happens when past loves, new likes, and the “Hottie God” enter her world? Who will she choose? Will she ever be able to go home and see her family?

I LOVED THIS BOOK! Like I said before, I really liked Stalk Me, but I loved Kiss Me! I honestly was like please don’t let there be another book (even though I knew there were more) because I can’t wait to see who she chooses!

This book was full of love, like, new choices, independence, friendships, finding your TRUE self, and not letting your guard down EVER! As soon as I finished it I took a look at Jillian Dodd’s website and thank goodness there is a sneak peak at Date Me which will be out in April 2013…. but I”m praying for an early release! I can’t wait to see how Aiden plans on being a “friend” to Keatyn…. I”m soooo Team Aiden!!!!!!

Check out Jillian Dodd facebook (Jillian Dodd) or twitter(@JillianDodd)


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