Imagine you are 18, just graduated high school, and find out that your Mom has been lying to you for your ENTIRE life!  This is exactly what happens to Kimberly in Unlikely Allies by Tiffany King.

Kimberly has always had a great relationship with her Mom.  That is until she finds out she has lied about her father her entire life.  Not only does she know she has a father, but he also wants to be a part of her life as well.  She decides to leave sunny California for Colorado.  Her father, Rick, runs Camp Unlikely Allies for foster children.  This is def not Kimberly’s cup of tea!  Not only is she in charge of campers, but she also has to deal with Mason…. aka “Greeky.”  One evening, Alyssa, a camper runs away.  With this event, everyone is forced to look for her.  What will happen when Kimberly and Mason have to search the mountains for her?

I have to say that Tiffany King is a FABULOUS author!  If you haven’t read a book of hers, GO GET ONE!!!!!! (I’d recommend Miss Me Not for starters!)  She didn’t let me done on this book as well.

This book kept me on my toes.  I didn’t know what was going to happen to the characters.  There was so much emotion in this book… anger, hurt, love, unconditional love, heartache, faith, and hope.

I love how this book was so real.  I loved the basis of Camp Unlikely Allies…. more than likely because I deal with children that sometimes don’t have the best home life.   To see Kimberly so out of her element and make connections made me smile.  That is what life is about… relationships.  Each person should try and connect to each person they meet.  Just remember you may be the only positive interaction  they have each day!

WIth all of that said, I def recommend Unlikely Allies.  Next on the list…. is Acquiring Trouble by Kathleen Brooks and  The Saving Angels Series by Tiffany King!  Hope to have them read by next week! 🙂 Happy Reading!



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