Santa Cruz here I come! The Saving Angels Series

saving1 saving2 angels3

Imagine your favorite dream occurring each and every night. In The Saving Angel Series by Tiffany King, this is what happens to Krista every night.

After the loss of her father, Krista and her mother decide to move to Santa Cruz. It is a new start for them, but it is also a special place for Krista. Each night she dreams of the beach there, along with a young man who she prays will be there as well. When she realizes that her dreams are now a reality, she also has to understand that she is “linked” to Mark in more ways than one.

This series is FABULOUS! If you love books about angels, demons, good, bad, vampires, and warewolves… then this is your next series! The love aspect in this series is very different. It is about family and survival. This is what draws everyone to Santa Cruz. The story behind The Light and The Dark Ones is very unique. There is so much emotion in this series. I loved how everything was happy, nothing can go wrong to OMG! WTH? in like 2 seconds! Also, the relationships between each character are so specific. The relationships remind me of people in general… The ability to see good and evil, never giving up hope, fighting for love-your beliefs, and overcoming the evil in this world.

I’m so glad that I could read all 3 books at one time…. if I would have had to wait on them, I would have been a mess! Also, one plus about buying the bundle is the added bonus of The Dark One: A Saving Angels Prequel I’m not even going to comment on it because it will give too much away! All I can say is that it broke my heart in so many ways! Poor Haniel! I really wished that it kept going instead of only a few short chapters! It does give you insight to what happened before all Guides and Protectors lost their families.

I have to say that I can’t give Tiffany King enough props! She is hands down one of the best authors I have EVER read! Also, the fact that I have found her to be so open to reviews and really wants to know what readers think!… It might also have to do with the fact she wouldn’t trip me if we were chased by zombies because that’s how we roll! 😉

I am super excited to say that Tiffany King has a new book called Jordyn: A Daemon Hunter Novel to be released soon! Also, the 1st chapter is on her blog! Book Love You can also follow her on Facebook at Tiffany King or Twitter @AuthorTiffany. Happy Reading and Daemon a** kickin’!


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