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Hey Jude! ;)


Picture this… the end of summer vacation is nearing, you are at the beach, and the most beautiful creature you’ve ever laid your eyes on stares at you longer than he should.  What do you do?  Well of course you pull out EVERY trick in the book to get his attention!  This is Crash by Nicole Williams.

Lucy is getting ready to start her senior year at Southpointe High School.  She’s not thrilled about the school, move to her lake home, or anything else.  The one thing she is sure of is dancing and what school she wants to be at next year.  She also has let Jude Ryder walk into her life, and there’s no way she will ever be the same.

Let’s just say that I’ve never been one for bad boys, but sure do like to read about them! This book is no exception!  The characters in this book are different but the same.  Lucy is a dancer, has parents with issues, and feels the need to save any creature that needs her help.  Jude is TROUBLE!  He has no parent figures, the 5-0 know him by name, and he believes he’s not worth being loved.

My favorite part of Lucy and Jude’s story is the faith that Lucy has in Jude.  She makes him see he is worthy of love, but not without struggle and heartache.  Not to mention, one secret that could destroy them both!

I give this book 4.5 stars.  It’s def a must read, and I’m going to start the sequel Clash now!

You can find more on Nicole Williams at

Twitter: @nwilliamsbooks



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