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Hometown Trouble

aquiring trouble

Ever had a kiss you cant’t forget? What if the one girl you thought ruined your life meets you in your dreams? This is what happens to Miles Davies in Acquiring Trouble by Kathleen Brooks. This book is the 3rd book in the Bluegrass Brothers Series.

Miles Davies is a hard working, former military, businessman. He comes from a long line of Davies who one by one have found their match and fell in love. Seventeen years ago Miles lost the girl of his dreams when Morgan Hamilton kissed him at graduation. Not only does his girlfriend walk in, but Morgan leaves Miles haunted with the feelings of that kiss the the next seventeen years. So what happens when Miles is trying to keep small farms up and running only to find out he is trying to be bought out by Top Produces in Washington, DC. Trouble walks back into Keeneston, KY, and her name is Morgan Hamilton.

Eeeekkkk! I loved this book. In fact, I love this series. There is nothing better than a small, southern town where everyone knows everyone… and your business. (I can say that coming from experience!) In the Bluegrass series, you can’t help but feel that you are just another neighbor in Keeneston. In these books I can’t help but see people within my own small town. Every town has the little old ladies that know exactly what’s going on and who it’s going on with, the cafe where everyone meets to eat and gossip, and the police department is like Andy Griffith but way hotter!

When I say I feel like I belong in this town, I mean exactly that… I feel like I have know each character my entire life… and who wouldn’t want to know the Davies’ boys? I sure wouldn’t mind! 😉 My favorite part of these books is so much going on…. love, danger, small town talk, everyone knows everyone, HOT Davies’ men, and as my Daddy would say…. the good ole country boy gets the girl (just like he should!)

These books leave me biting my nails for the next one… I can’t wait to see which Davies’ guy is going to fall in love next… but not only that…. what crazy & dangerous event is going to occur before it happens. Let’s see… we’ve already had horse racing, drugs, dog fighting, and the FBI gone bad… I can only imagine what is going to happen to Pierce Davies! But I’ll make a bet that he’s met his match! Pierce’s story is due to be published by Spring/Summer 2013… and I can’t wait!

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