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Was I Ready for Divergent?

Ok, I have been putting off reading this book because I didn’t know if I was ready for another Science Fiction type book after reading The Hunger Games and Delirium. I loved both of those series for many different reasons. HOWEVER! I will have to say, once I got started reading…. I LOVED THIS STORY, and it’s SO NOT LIKE what I thought. My sister has been telling me to read this one for a while now, and after opening up the vote on my FB page… Divergent by Veronica Roth was chosen!

Society is no longer a Democratic government. It is no longer blood is thicker than water. Instead there are 5 Fractions: Abnegation (Selfless,) Erudite (Smart,) Candor (Honest,) Amity (Peace,) & Dauntless (Brave.) You have 2 choices. 1) Follow the Fraction of your family, 2)Choose a Fraction of your choice and leave your family behind. If you fail during initiation you are now Fractionless. What happens if you do not fall into 1 Fraction? How do you fit it? What Fraction do you choose? All of these questions are asked of Beatrice… and the answer is she is Shhhhhh … Divergent! (But you must NEVER say that word aloud!) What happens when you leave your family, follow another fraction, and realize that there is something bigger going on? Will you be able to save the people you love? Will you survive?

Veronica Roth has done an outstanding job writing this book. It is very well written, easy to understand, and allows you to truly see the society as a whole. Like I said earlier, the reason I hadn’t read it was because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for another Sci-fi Romance type book. The Hunger Games is very dear to my heart because the movie was filmed where I live… Yes, I live in the real District 12! Also, I couldn’t put the series down. I could see the bigger picture of what was going on, and what they had to overcome. The Delirium series sucked me in! I read both of them in like 2 days! Then when I read Hana… my exactly thoughts were “You B****!” So I have been waiting on Requiem which is why I hadn’t wanted to start Divergent.

I have to say that within the first 2 Chapters I was hooked! It did take me a little longer to read that I had planned… a whopping 3 days was all it took… I had hoped for 1, but sometimes life happens. You know like having to go to a meeting all day and a child that’s not quite herself.

There was something about Beatrice that I was drawn to. She was so brave and sure of herself, but yet she didn’t have a clue that she was any of that. She does an excellent job of taking the good, bad, and the ugly and overcoming all of it.

On another note, Four… what is there to say? He’s my favorite! There was something about his mystery that I loved. Also, I had a feeling he was hiding something, and I was right! (But I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything!) I will say that I figured out his big secret before Beatrice!

There is so much that goes on in this story: family, trust, anger, unsure of ones self, guilt, innocence, bravery, friendship, hope, love, assurance, hatred, willpower, determination, self-awareness, and the unknown.

This book is an AWESOME read! I will have to thank my FB page folks for making me not wait until I finished the Delirium Series! I will have to say that I couldn’t put it down in fact I read it any moment I had free…. at home, in the car, drive thru at McDonald’s or a 7 year olds birthday party! It is a must read, and I give it 5 stars hands down! I can’t wait to read Insurgent! Which will probably be tonight! Then it’s on to Sempre!

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