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Time to Let Go…

time to let go

Who did it? That is the question you will continuously ask yourself while reading Time to Let Go by Amanda Bennett.

Imagine waking up and having no clue what happened to you. What happens when you don’t know who to trust? This is exactly what happens to Chloe. Chloe wakes up in her childhoods friends home, Todd.   He helps her get well, but when her ex boyfriend, Dominic places doubt in her head she decides to leave. Chloe spends all her time trying to figure out who hurt her and left her to die. Was is Todd, Dominic, Cael, or her BFF Christine?

Amanda Bennett does a FABULOUS job of keeping you on your toes throughout this entire novel.  For some reason, my assumptions of this book were that it was just a typical love story with an individual not being able to sort out a major event in her life.  Boy was I wrong!

From page one until the end you are constantly trying to put the pieces of Chloe’s attack together.  From beginning to end, I had no clue about who Chloe’s attacker might be.  Every time I thought I knew, there was another twist and turn.   I did have a hard time trying to grasp what exactly happened to Chloe at the beginning and the reason for the attack.  (Part of this I believe is due to my focus on a 4 year old!)  I read Chapters 1-2 again, and once I did that I was on a roll!

There are so many different scenarios of who attacked Chloe.  There are 4 main suspects (Todd, Dominic, Cael, and Christine.)  Each one has a different and unique tie to Chloe.  This is how I felt about each one…

Todd…How did he find her?  PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE HIM!!!!  It can’t be Todd!  He loves her too much!  Wait… is it Todd?  No it’s not… maybe it is??!!

Christine… Why has she been out of Chloe’s life for so long?  Why does she act like she’s hiding something?  Is she with Todd? or maybe Dominic?  IDK?!  Why does she not pick up her phone?  She’s SO weird sometimes!  Did she have something to do with the attack?  How does she fit in?

Dominic… Well for some reason he sure has a lot of control over her! Wonder if he still has issues?  Maybe he didn’t do it?  I didn’t know the Real Estate business was that good… I wish I could pay rent for an entire year at once?!  Something is off about him.  Maybe he does love her?  Surely he wouldn’t?  Maybe he would?

Cael… I didn’t like him from the first sentence about him.  I felt he was like a snake in the grass just waiting to strike!  But then again he’s FBI… shouldn’t she be able to trust him?  Well, maybe he’s alright… or maybe not?  Where did he go?  Yeah, I don’t like him at all!  I’m glad he’s disappeared for a while… oh wait now he’s back!  Yeah I just don’t like him AT ALL!

Like I said before, Amanda Bennett does a fantastic job of making you think, question, and wonder who/why would someone hurt Chloe.  I did have a hard time following at the beginning.  Once I got into the books and thought about each character and their relationship to Chloe, I was able to sort out how they fit into the book.  I enjoyed the story line, and glad that it actually kept me guessing.  (Typically, I can figure it out before I get to the end… this time I wasn’t so sure!)  I felt that this was a great story.  My only complaint was that I wanted to know more about what happened after the mystery of the attack is solved.  It left me with the ending I was hoping, but I wanted to know what was next?  What did the future hold for Chloe?

Also, I am BEYOND EXCITED about the release of Misguided Heart that is to be released this month!  I can’t wait for this one!

Check out more about Amanda Bennett on her blog



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