Second Chance Romance Blog Tour has Arrived~!


It’s FINALLY here!!! I have to start by saying what an honor it is to participate in the Second Chance romance Blog tour! I have been so excited for the past month! So with that being said… Welcome to Hardcover Therapy’s thoughts and review of Second Chance Romance by Sophie Monroe!

I believe in second chances…. what about you? This is exactly what happens to Julia. Noah has been her best friend and protector since the age of 6. They have been inseparable until Julia is forced to move with her mother… if that is even an appropriate term for her. Julia is shipped off to boarding school where she meets her best friend, Ellie. Together the graduate, attend college, and graduate school together. They even share the stage at a Double D’s Gentleman’s Club to pay for college and bills. Double D’s gets rented out for a bachelor party… only to find out that the party is for Noah! What happens when Noah see’s Julia? Will there be a second chance? Will they be able to put the past behind them?

All I can say is WOW~ What a story! From the cover you know where this book is heading, but I had no idea! From the prologue I was hooked!

So let’s meet the characters:

~Julia: AKA Felony, Grad student, independent woman, strong, hardworking, absent father, abusive mother, and a body to die for!

~Noah: Julia’s childhood friend, protector, getting married, not seen Julia until the night at the club

~Ellie: AKA Miss Demeanor, Julia’s BFF since the move, partner in crime

~Jackson: Noah’s best friend

~Carrie: Noah’s fiance & one crazy bitch

This book starts off in the past. It takes you to a place where Noah and Julia meet, the friendship they share, and the safety that Noah provides from Julia’s mother. Once Julia moves away and gets into college, she is on her own. She has to provide for herself and with a body like hers… Double D’s is an obvious choice. Julia is very different, it is just a job, and she has very high morals of herself.

In this book, there is so much emotion… from the beginning I just wanted to take Julia away from her Mother and run like hell! There is no reason for a human being… especially not a mother to have that much hate for their own child! Let’s just say I’d love to give her a taste of her own medicine!

Once Noah enter into Double D’s there are some choices that have to be made… Does Julia still care about him? Does he still care about her? What about the wedding? What’s the real reason Julia doesn’t want to talk to Noah? Why is there so much emotion between them?

Sophie Monroe does a phenomenal job in telling this story from beginning to end. The fact that she can take what happens in the past, move to the present, and then go above and beyond to look into the future is amazing! This book is well organized, planned, and written. I never once had to think about names, what was going on, or question anything. In fact, I LOVED THIS BOOK and don’t know why I haven’t read it until now?! It has a great story of friendship, love, heartache, and overcoming your past to look toward your future! This is a must read! I give it 5 stars easy!

Don’t forget to share the blog and register for the Signed Copies of Second Chance Romance! Thanks Sophie Monroe!

Check us out on the tour on VALENTINE'S DAY!  Chance to win copy of SCR!
Check us out on the tour on VALENTINE’S DAY! Chance to win copy of SCR!

About the Author:

Sophie Monroe is a New Jersey native just starting out her writing adventure. She has always been a night owl with a creative side. Her books often reflect both her sense of humor and sarcasm.

She tries to communicate on the fact that “life’s too short” in her stories. Bad things happen in life it’s inevitable, but pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move forward. Nothing can hold you down, unless you choose to let it.

She also loves to incorporate meaningful quotes that she hopes will inspire her readers (or at least give them a good laugh.)

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