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Jordyn Kicks Daemon A**!!!!



Tiffany King has done it again with Jordyn! I just finished The Saving Angels Series a few weeks ago, and was excited that Jordyn would be out soon! I also WON an Copy of the book from Mrs. Tiffany King herself!!!! Eeeeeekkkk!!!!

Jordyn is a Daemon Ass Kicking Expert. She can take on 1, 2 , or who knows how many Daemon on at once, and they are all toast when they meet her! She has been told since she met all the Guides and Protectors that she is “special.” She’d give ANYTHING to be normal. Her first chance at normal is when she meets Emrys. There’s only one problem…. he’s a Soul Trader. Will Jordyn go against the ones that love her? Will she find that he is a weakness for her? Will she let the first chance of normalcy pass her by or will hold on to it and never let it go????

I have to say that I was BEYONG EXCITED to read this book! I was even more excited and in love with it when I decided Jordyn is my FAV! She can kick Daemon Ass any time and anywhere!  I also love the fact that she struggles to fit in with everyone else. She’s not like any other from the group. She is also younger, and they feel the need to protect her… which I found as amusing as her due to her abilities.

Now lets talk about Emrys…. Oh, Emrys! He stole my heart… even if he’s a “bod boy” in Angel/Daemon world. There was just something about him. It could have been the fact that looked like a rock star or in the words of Jordyn herself…. “Emry in jeans and a leather jacket equaled hot. Emrys in slacks and a button-down shirt qualed scorching.” (Jordyn) I felt he actually wanted to get to know Jordyn. Also, the fact that he took the time to get to know her for who she was just made me smile!

This book was Daemon Ass Kickin FABULOUS! I love how we get to know Jordyn, and also get to see how all of our friends in The Saving Angels Series Haniel is still Haniel… Krista, Mark, Shawn, Sam, Robert, and Lynn are all there. We get to see Jordyn figure out who she is, meet Emery, and discover the unknown. Also, Tiffany King leaves the end of this book at a point where you are praying…. PLEASE DON’T STOP HERE… not only does Jordyn BIG OLE BOMB get dropped on her by Haniel and Emrys, now her only friend is being herself. I guess on a positive note at least she’s got sand, water, porpoises, and solitude?!

I also can say it’s safe to say I will try to patiently wait on Tiffany King to get Jordyn (A Daemon Hunter Book Two) published! I do believe that it is going to be tough! I might even resort to a little Daemon ass kickin myself to kill some time! Until then…. Check out Jordyn by Tiffany King or any of her fabulous novels! No matter which one you pick… you won’t be disappointed! Happy Reading!

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