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Misguided Heart is H-O-T!!!


Misguided Heart by Amanda Bennett is by far one of the hottest but yet sweetest books I have ever read! If you love Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, Crash by Nicole Williams, Avoiding Series by K.A. Linde, or any thing like Fifty Shades then THIS is your next book!

Aston Boyd has worked for everything she has in her life. She has an established career, education, home, and life anyone could imagine. She has accomplished all of this on her own after her mother passed away when she was 18. There is only one problem, she has no one to share it with except her bulldog Bugsy. Aston is doing just fine with this type if life until she receives an invitation from her ex’s wedding. To go or not to go is the question? About this time, Sloan Holden ( The Son in P.J. Holden & Son Publishing) starts to gradually work hisway into her life. He has spent most of his career trying to prove to his Dad that he can run this company, but his Dad sees him for the new woman every night kinda man. Will he be able to prove him wrong? Why does Aston have such an impact on him? Aston has to decide if the man of her dreams been under her nose for the past 8 years or will her Ex walk back into her life for good?

Let me start by saying if you want hot, smoldering, bad boy trying to be good action…. This is it! This book had me at the prologue! I honestly don’t know if I can explain how I felt about this book… So here’s my attempt at it……

Aston is one of the most independent women I’ve ever read about. She is sure of herself, an awesome career, designer clothes, and seems to know exactly where she wants to go in life. There is one thing that totally CRACKED ME UP…. The fact that she had Prada, Manolo heels, True Religion Jeans, but yet still drive her beat up Honda Accord. For some reason, I just kept thinking with that type of a promotion she should have bought a new car! Maybe it had sentimental value… Or that’s what I kept telling myself! 🙂 I also love the fact that once she’s back in her old stomping ground you see the REAL Aston… I knew she knew how to throw down and have a good time! Not only does she have a good time, boys from the past show up, and you see Aston show how strong she is….. Except when it comes to Sloan!

Sloan is smoking hot and I don’t mean like the kind that can be put out with an at home fire extinguisher …. Instead you need the whole damn fire department and even they need reinforcements! There is only one big problem… He’s not settling for 1 woman. He settles for a different woman ever night! Since the morning he ran into Aston trying to pour a cup of coffee, he had decided he HAD to have this woman! That is when his plan is put into action… Even if he has to do things that he’s not use to… Like go on a DATE!

Shelby is Ashton’s best friend. I freakin love her! She is Aston’s go to girl when there’s a problem. She is full of life, doesn’t have a care in the world, and doesn’t mind giving Aston her 2 cents and then some whether she wants to hear it or not!

Nole is Aston’s Ex….lets just say he reminds me of some guy that thinks he’s all that and then some…. I have to say I didn’t like him at ALL! Now Aston’s opinion of him is different than mine.

Amanda Bennett has outdone herself on this one! I give it 5 Stars! I love how you can see both Aston and Sloan’s POV back to back…. You know exactly know what each of them are thinking. This story is torrid, scorching, red hot! Yet, it is also about 2 people that have never let anyone into their lives without pushing them away. The chemistry between Aston and Sloan will replace any other book boyfriend you might think you have! You’ll ask yourself…. Who the hell is Christian Grey, Travis Maddox, Kellan Kyle, or Jude Ryder?! So on THIS FRIDAY get MISGUIDED HEART by Amanda Bennett.

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