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Untouchable Blog Tour!


Picking a boyfriend can be murder, but for Annalisa Winslett, it might end up being the literal death of her. No one at Pensacola High School suspects the girl they know as Annalisa McKinnis to be a wealthy heiress in hiding, but things begin to unravel when two new guys enroll. Both guys are gorgeous, and both are trying to win her over. The only problem is that one of them has a million dollar contract to put a bullet in her. This book is the beginning of a wild ride in a trilogy that will make you wonder if the power of love can truly conquer all. When her pure and innocent heart is offered to him, will this cold and empty hitman fall, or will he remain untouchable?

My Thoughts:

I ❤ this book! In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now! This book is different from my typical reads, but in a good way! From the prologue, you know that there is a major even taking place. What you don’t know is who is behind it, and why.
This book begins with the typical high school scene. The moment a new guy rolls into town Annalisa’s BFF, Jewels (Varsity cheerleading captain, Dad is principal) is all over them like white on rice! Annalisa or Leesa as her friends call her stays clear of guys and keeps her focus on her sister and church. That is until Ethan takes notice of her. There is something very different about him. He looks older and is extremely interested in her.
For me, this book kept me on my toes… I loved the DANGER that was involved… not to mention the conflict of interest. The fact that Leesa is worried about her life is one thing, but the connection between her and Ethan is on fire… even though he doesn’t want to admit it! I love how she can see his soul and know that there is good inside. Throughout the entire book, you are learning about who actually wants Leesa dead, why, and what she decides to do with Ethan’s help.
One factor that really brought me in to loving this book was the faith aspect of this book. Leesa has a HUGE faith, loves church, sings in youth, and is proud of her God. She never doubts that God doesn’t have a plan, even when you can’t see the good in it at all. This SOLD me … this is what was different about this book! In fact, I’d love to find more like this! Typically, I read adult romance that never leave anything to the imagination. Untouchable does that! This book is full of chemistry, wants, needs, desire, and resistance. The fact that they try so hard to not want each other is HOT! I mean like go take a shower to cool off hot! Leesa’s faith and how she only wants forever gives a totally different feel! You can see how the characters want and need each other so badly but don’t allow it to go there because of her faith and request! The description of the scenes are so real. For me, I could see how they couldn’t resist each other, but did because of Leesa’s beliefs. It was SO real!
Lindsay Delagair does a great job of writing a book that has an amazing storyline. It is full of adventure, mystery, fear, romance, love, faith, and heartache. I give it 5 stars hands down! I am so glad that the other books in this series are out and that I don’t have to wait to read them! I fell in love with Leesa and Ethan, and I can’t wait to read more about them!

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Book Info:
• Title: Untouchable (Untouchable #1)

• Series or Standalone : Series, Untouchable is the first book in the Untouchable Series• Author: Lindsay Delagair

• Release Date: July 30, 2011

• Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

• Follow ups in this series :
Unforgivable (Untouchable, #2)
Untraceable (Untouchable, #3)
Author info:
Lindsay lives in Florida on the west coast. She is married and has three children. Although she holds a degree in technology, writing full-time (someday) is her dream job. She enjoys different genres, but always comes back to writing romance.

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