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So blessed!

Ok, I felt the need to take a moment before my life gets any crazier! I have been so blessed with a wonderful husband and little girl who are the lights of my life! I never knew when I started this journey 3 months ago where it would lead me, but now I am starting to see the light! My hubby has been so supportive through journey!

So here’s what’s up with me, Casey…
1. I’ve got reviews, reviews, reviews to do!

2. Creating logo and blog button by my fabulous sister at (check her out!)

3. Exploring how to update my blog

4. Adding advertising and merchandise

5. Getting ready for book bash

6. Maybe writing my own book!

Being new to this blogging thing, I’m still trying to get out there! I never knew how much I was going to love this adventure! Any advice or suggestions are always welcome! Happy Reading, and don’t forget The Lost The Loved The Dreaming Blog tour and giveaway tomorrow!!!!




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