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I thought my <3 was gonna STOP!


Book Description :

A dominatrix is murdered; her body displayed in a show of dominance. An actress is found dead beneath the Hollywood sign. There’s a murderer roaming the streets of Los Angeles and he’s having far too much fun to stop. Stephanie Carovella is a woman of fire and ice. She left her career, her friends and her home town of LA but she couldn’t outrun the demons of her past. When she is lured back by the death of her best friend she enters a world where no one’s safe. Can Stephanie find her friend’s killer or will she discover that she has nowhere to run?

My Thoughts <3:

HOLY CRAPOLA! I THOUGHT MY HEART WAS GOING TO BEAT OUT OF MY CHEST!!!!! This book is not my typical hot man, bad boy romance! Instead it’s a book about murder, friendships, mystery, past, serial killer, BIG ASS TRAINGLE!

I started this book last week, but due to a family issue I had a hard time focusing. So, I put it down to get all my events for the week completed so I could focus on Nowhere to Run and Walking Disaster. Needless to say that on Monday night I picked it back up and didn’t put it down until it was 100% completed!

There are a ton of characters within this story. They are all intertwined, but there is 1 common denominator… which I will NOT spoil! The entire time, all the events, feelings that are involved, roller coaster ride that you are on had my heart about to pound out of my chest. I honestly felt like I was part of the book myself. It was almost like I was there, a part of their group, but just as clueless as they were to who the serial killer might be!

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone that enjoys, mystery, crime, and how the past effects the future. Yes, there is all kinds of romance involved, but it’s more of a love triangle with the one common denominator… yet again! Don’t except anything in the romance factor like Mr. Grey or Travis Maddox… but I promise this is an AWESOME read!!!!!!!!

GIVEAWAY:  There is a chance to win a signed copy of Nowhere to Run right here!  Just leave a comment below about why you think you should win it!

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11 thoughts on “I thought my <3 was gonna STOP!”

  1. I would love to read a good murder-mystery-romance novel! Thanks for sharing your thoughts..sounds like a great book!


  2. I love finding new authors, and I have been a crazy book reader this year and found so many wonderful ones! I’d like to keep up the momentum, lol!


      1. Hi Casey,
        I sent you my mailing info last night but not sure if it went through so I just sent it again today. Hopefully you got it! =]

        alyssaxchen14 AT gmail DOT com


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