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This Love of Mine… A Review


This Love of Mine Dreamcast

TLOM Dreamcast

My Thoughts <3:

I absolutely love Amanda Bennett’s writing. I always enjoy her story lines and the events that occur within them. This Love of Mine is no different!

This Love of Mine is the #1 in The Raine Series. It is the story of Kayla and Madison. They both have events in their lives that are tragic.

Kayla is an absolutely stunning young lady. She has made bad choices when it comes to guys, drugs, and sex. She also has a piece of shit mother. She knows that her only safe haven is her Grandparents.

Madison is good ole country boy that has had to grow up before his time due to his Dad going to jail. He is the kinda of guy that you want to roll around in the hay with!

Kayla and Madison have known each other their entire lives, but yet don’t know each other at all. The moment they walk back into each others lives, there is a chemistry that is none-other.

This series is going to to be on on fire! Between the chemistry, two lives that are trying to intertwine, two past that are bound to effect their future, and a love that is trying to survive you will be begging for more Kayla and Madison.   This Love of Mine will have you wanting more.  Oh, and the ending of book #1 will have you on the edge of your seat, holding your kindle for dear life!  I’m super excited that I only have to wait until May to read #2!

So if you love a good love story, with ups, downs, twist, turns, bad past, hopeful futures, desire, chemistry, and an unforgettable characters… 1-click This Love of Mine NOW!

This Love of Mine Playlist:http://open.spotify.com/user/1248504174/playlist/2z2Y6Cul8urJ7a4oVOrinK


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