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What’s up next week??? A TON!!!!!!

Hey Y’all!!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC weekend!  I know I am!  I did have an uh oh moment yesterday!  I left my iPad at work… which meant no KINDLE!!! I know hard to believe!  So with that being said!  My review of Shattered Into Beautiful will be on Monday!  I have rescued my iPad and will finish it up tonight!

Here’s the rundown for next week!

  • Monday- Shattered Into Beautiful Review
  • Tuesday- Battlescares Blog Tour and Giveaway
  • Friday- Before You Go Review
  • ALL WEEK SIGN UPS FOR GIRL WITH GUITAR BLOG TOUR… my first tour as Host! Spread the WORD! Sign up HERE!!!!!!

I  have to go out of town for work this week!  SO…. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post on the FB page!  I have a ton of info to pass along in the coming weeks!  Happy reading, and have an AWESOME weekend and week!!!!


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