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The Darkest of Shadows A review


Book Description (via Amazon)

Some secrets are better kept in the darkest recesses of our mind. Lilly’s past is one big secret; one big terrifying reality that threatens to drag her into the blackest depths of insanity.

The only way for her to escape was to leave it all behind. A new path. A new country. A new job. A new life. But would it be enough? Especially when the rest of the world continued to encroach on her protected little bubble of existence.

It took Lawrence Monterey one chance meeting to know that there was something special about Lilly. Something worth the trouble, and the heartache, of fighting through her past to find out who she really was. He had the money, the power and the patience, to make sure that Lilly came through the darkness, and became his in every way.

Tragedy can break people, but love can bring them back from the brink, and just possibly build a stronger wall between life, and that dangerous darkness that threatens to end the pain of living.

Would Lilly’s past break her? Or would Lawrence lead her out of the darkness and back into the light?

My Thoughts <3:
I have to say that I have had this on my Kindle a while, and have finally decided to take time to read what I have on there as well as what new books are coming out. This week has been extremely chaotic for me… Work, Cover Reveal, 2 blog tours as organizer, but I had to read this book!

I absolutely loved this storyline. Yes, it has a dark side to it. The woman is damaged, but aren’t we all in some way?

I loved how the setting was placed outside the US for the majority of the book. It gave me insight to places I can only imagine visiting… Say I was rich by hitting the lottery ;). The characters in the book are very polished and put together on the outside, but once you get beyond that social exterior ,you fall in love with Lawrence especially.

I enjoyed the book, my only complaint was that it got a little lengthy at times. I wanted a bigger event or explosion I guess you might say. My other complaint was I wanted to know more about Charlie… There was something very intriguing about him. I have a thing with wanting in the. Indus of the minor characters that play an important roll.

With that being said, I did enjoy the book. In fact, I’m super glad that it is now on my read list on Goodreads. I can’t wait to read more from Lisse Smith! In fact, I’d love a little more insight to Lilly and Lawrence…. No maybe more about Nicholas!

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