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Country Music, A Country Boy, & A Country Girl! Girl With Guitar by Caisey Quinn <3




After Kylie’s dad dies in a freak accident, he leaves her with nothing other than her crazy stepmother, Darla, and the ability to play guitar. When Darla kicks Kylie out and she loses her job all in the same day, she hops a bus to Nashville determined to make her late father’s dreams come true. Waitressing and saving her pennies to record a demo, her big break comes when she’s asked to join a tour going down the tubes with once platinum album-selling country music superstar Trace Corbin. But touring with Trace is hardly a dream come true since he’s pretty much drinking his career down the drain. If Kylie can’t pull Trace out of his rut, he’ll pull her and her dreams down with him.

My Thoughts <3:

I’m beyond excited about Girl With Guitar, Caisey Quinn’s debut novel! I’ve had the amazing opportunity to organize the current blog tour with Caisey because the “Ca(i)sey’s” gotta stick together 😉

I will start by saying this is the kinda book I’ve been waiting on. There are a lot of books that I <3, but this one is the icing on the cake! I am a Southern girl who LOVES (which is an understatement) country music and the entire country way of life. For example, my 5 year old loves to get her guitar, microphone, and sing Pistol Annies… I tell my Hubby all the time that she’s gonna head to Nashville to pursue her singing career starting by waiting tables & singing at Tootsie’s!

Kylie leaves Oklahoma to follow her dreams after she has nothing left to lose. When she finds herself broke and needing a job the opportunity falls in her lap thanks to her “cuz,” Tonya. Not only does she get a job, but her world changes forever. Kylie is a strong, smart, independent young lady that follows her dream, tells it like she sees it, puts all emotions on the table, and tries not follow her heart.

Trace Corbin is hot country boy in tight jeans that will break your heart. He has made a ton of mistakes, but underneath all that exterior is a good ole country boy. Trace tries to be a hard ass, doesn’t let people get close, and has 2 of the best sisters EVER!

There are so many characters in Girl With Guitar that play such important roles to the life of Kylie & Trace. I can’t even begin to put into words what I felt as I was reading this book, but here’s a try!

Independent , Lonely, Persistent, Dreams, Country Music -Hell Yeah!, Nashville, Bars, Armature Nights, Dreams Come True, Drinkin’, Tours, Asshole, Kind-hearted, Kick Ass Singing, Put your ❤ on the line, Parties, Family, Heartbreak, Mistakes, Pasts, A slap in the face, Read before you sign, True Love, Choices, and Living.

From the first words of Girl With Guitar, I was hooked. This story I could see clearly, feel all the raw emotions, and felt like I was part of the story. I really didn’t want the story to end; I wanted to continue to learn about Kylie, Trace, and all the characters futures in music and love!

When I think about this story, I get all happy inside. I just smile like a freakin’ idiot! I love to sing country music (not sayin I’m good at it), listen to The Highway on Sirus XM, hunting, fishing, riding 4-wheelers, and going to concerts (Eeeeekkkk I met Brantley Gilbert this month!) In fact, the only other town that I would move to is Nashville, TN. I love my small town, but that city makes everyone feel at home!

With all this being said, Gil With Guitar is 5+++++ stars! 1-click right now if ya love country music, living your dreams, a country boy, & a country girl!!!

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Why I Heart Country Music

Girl you make my speakers go BOOM BOOM. –Luke Bryan

Some people call it hillbilly heartbreak music. Others call it beer and break ups. I call it fu*#ing fantastic. I should warn you up front, my brother is an Actual Musician, as in, he’s In A Band. I, however, am tone deaf. My brother is not a fan of the country music and is more into progressive metal and classical. Yeah, he’s the black sheep. Whaddya gonna do? But he knows his stuff about music and all I know is what feels good to my ears. And my soul. Call it what you want, country music can elicit some serious emotion.

Just because I have to mention her, (you have to when you talk about country music, or I think there’s a fine or something) Taylor Swift’s Fifteen would have made a huge difference in my life if I’d heard it when I was actually fifteen. Instead of twenty-six. But it brought back my hellacious freshmen year of high school and y’all, that was some stuff I’d wrestled, shoved, kicked, and drank out of my memory. Or so I’d thought.

Lee Brice’s Hard to Love makes an appearance in my debut novel, Girl with Guitar, because if my husband and I had a song, that would be it. We got married too young and before he’d gotten a handle on a very serious drinking problem. Whoa, okay, I didn’t actually mean to tell y’all that. But there it is. And we’ve been married seven years, together for nine, and we made it through. But when that song comes on the radio, he reaches over and grabs my hand and I squeeze his. Hard. Every time. Sometimes my eyes get watery. Because neither of us have forgotten how hard those first few years were and how much stronger we are for having gotten through them.

I heart country music because it’s men in tight jeans, cowboy boots, sitting on tailgates around the bon fire, playing guitar, drinking too much, loving too soon, and breaking your heart. Pretty much the story of my life y’all.

Some of my favorite artists are George Straight, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Hank Williams Jr, and of course Luke Bryan, who is basically the template for my main character Trace Corbin in Girl with Guitar.

I get that it’s not for everyone. Just like death metal isn’t for everyone. But I love it. It’s a part of me, and it will probably show up in every book I write in one way or another. Like Kylie, I can’t always find the right words for every situation, but I can almost always find a country song with lyrics that fit.

For the record, I listen to lots of different types of music and also enjoy Adam Lambert, The Civil Wars, The Lumineers, Christina Perri, Rihanna, Third Day, Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, Flyleaf, Fireflight, and a few others, including some most people have never even heard of. But I blame that on my brother. 😉

I’ll be back to check in on comments if any of y’all want to chat about music. Warning: Once you get me going I may never shut up!

Thanks for having me!

Shameless Self-Promotion: My debut novel, Girl with Guitar is available now! I am currently working on Girl on Tour, the second book in the Kylie Ryans series. I don’t have an official release date yet, but will post on my site www.caiseyquinnwrites.com as soon as I do! Keep an eye out!


Caisey Quinn lives in a suburb outside of Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She wears cowgirl boots most of the time, even to church. Girl with Guitar is her first novel. She is currently working on the second book in the Kylie Ryans series, Girl on Tour. She can be found online at http://www.caiseyquinnwrites.com.


Website: www.caiseyquinnwrites.com


Twitter: @CaiseyQuinn





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