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Scars and Songs —-> A Review of Shane Maxton’s POV



Book Description (via Amazon)

Shane Maxton is front man for New York City’s popular rock band, Mad World. But he has secrets; he’s not what everybody thinks he is.
He comes from an ancient world, from a different time, when angels walked among men.
Read the story, through Shane’s eyes, of his forbidden love, his fall from grace and his inner turmoil from living with the irrational emotions of being human.

Disclaimer #1: This is the story of Mad World Books 1 & 2, Fall From Grace and Saving Grace, written through the point of view of Shane Maxton.
IT IS THE SAME Love STORY of Grace and Shane. It’s just Shane’s turn to tell it to you, it’s everything you’ve read before and a whole lot more.
Disclaimer #2: This story contains rock and roll, angels doing naughty things, violence, cursing, drinking alcohol, substance abuse, sexual situations, and irritating scenes that will make you want to hurl your eReader or book out the window. It’s not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


My Thoughts ❤

When I found out that Christine Zolendz was releasing a Shane Maxton’s POV I couldn’t wait!  I read Fall from Grace & Saving Grace before I began to blog and review.  I ABSOLUTELY ❤ them!  In fact, it was absolute torture having to waiting on Saving Grace to be released!

It has been total chaos around here.  I actually am semi caught up and said I have got to read this!!!! … and I did… and savored every word out of Shane Maxton’s mouth!

There is so much I want to say about this book, but honestly I don’t know if I can find the right words.  I will say that I usually read a book in a day, but I just couldn’t with this one… I wanted to savor every single word of this book.   To get inside Shane’s head and to actually see the turmoil he faced by not being able to tell her who he was… was intense.

I am a fan of YA, NA Romance, Paranormal Romance, anything like that… but honestly, I love the Paranormal!

This story is word for word what happens in Fall from Grace and Saving Grace… just Shane’s take on it.  So, if you are thinking it’s a totally new book… new story…. your wrong.  I couldn’t wait to hear his side of things.  Shane really wasn’t a bad buy… he’s just stuck in an assholes body.  I can remember reading the end of Saving Grace and being completely floored.

The fact that 2 people have spent hundreds of years trying to reunite only to have to give up everything that most people could dream of is unbelievable.  The fact that Shane couldn’t tell her because she had to love him as only human only made me love this book more.  You know that there is something different about him, but to actually listen to his thoughts is exactly what I thought it would be…. A-maz-ing!

Grace & Shane’s relationship is like none I’ve ever read… maybe because it’s my favorite paranormal fairytale.  There aren’t words to describe how much I ❤ this series.  So, if you love paranormal romances, a rock star, and a major twist on your thought of how sweet angels are…. Mad World Series is for you!


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