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——->This Heart of Mine by Amanda Bennett <———-




My Thoughts ❤

Let me start by saying that if you haven’t read the Raine Series Books #1 & 2… you should have 1-clicked a long time ago!  I’ve been trying to come up with how huge of a fan I am of Amanda Bennett… when I looked it up in the thesaurus this is what I came up with… I am a whale of an oversized, hefty, jumbo, super colossal, chock-full, larger than life, monster fan!  I am so glad to say that I can count on her for anything when it comes to advice in the writing/blogging world!  She is an author that I respect more than anything.  With that being said, here are my thoughts on This Heart of Mine (Raine #3)

This series in itself has pulled at my heart in so many ways.  From book 1, I fell in love with Kayla and Madision, their friends, families, pasts, present, and hope to be future.  When book #2 ended… I was left with so many apprehensions about what was to come for their future.  I just knew they have to make it, but with their pasts… I just didn’t know!

This Heart of Mine is written from both the POV of Kayla & Madision, picks up exactly where it should, and ends where I wanted it too… I would have been happy to keep it going though 🙂  There could be 20 in this series and I wouldn’t get enough! Honestly, this series, is one that I just love.  I felt connected to the characters, their upbringing , their outlook on life, and what they had planned for their future… even if it doesn’t happen as planned.

There isn’t one concept/thought/event within this book that has let me down.  In fact, I just kept being surprised… more than I was in book #2… I had a feel that certain events were going to take place, but not in book #3.  In fact, since I knew this was probably the last in this series… I savored every word of it and took extra long to read it.

So, if you are into a country romance with a cowboy, pretty girl, and roller coaster ride along the way then The Raine Series by Amanda Bennett is for you!  1-click it today!

Excerpt for This Heart of Mine (book 3 Raine Series)

A stray tear rolled down my cheek and landed on my shirt as the weight of his words settled into my chest. He was right, about everything. I have always questioned myself because of my mother. I had always felt less than a person and never felt worthy of anybody’s love, let alone a poor helpless child. What if I turn out to be exactly like my mother? I now had a better understanding as to how Madison has felt his whole life.

I quietly turned on my heel, making my way back outside and onto the porch. I looked out over the expansive land wondering how this all was supposed to work out for us. We couldn’t live at our grandparents for the rest of our lives. We needed a plan. One that would work for both of us.

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Dream Cast

Character Fun Facts:


– She only own 2 pairs of shoes besides her boots

– She likes UFC

– Her favorite football team is the San Francisco 49ers

– Loves starburst jelly beans

– allergic to chocolate


– Loves to talk

– Is very OCD

– She has no filter: TMI to the max

– Terrified of birds

–  Will randomly start doing cheers from high school


– Can play the guitar and drums as well as sing

– Rarely wears underwear

– Hates to workout

– Hates cake

– Doesn’t like to wear shorts


– Afraid of spiders

– Gets stage fright before every show

– Favorite beer is corona

– Addicted to coffee

– He doesn’t like any of his food to touch on the plate

Playlist For This Heart of Mine:



Fun Facts about Amanda Bennett:

– Used to want to be a stand up comic

– I have a major foot phobia

– Deathly afraid of spiders

– Obsessed with reality tv

– I never chew gum

– Addicted to anything Guess brand

– favorite color is black and pink

– absolutely love jewelry but only wear my wedding ring

– Can pick up a softball with my toes

– Can write with my toes

– Favorite drink is coffee and grape soda (crush brand only)

– Am lactose intolerant but I eat lots of dairy with the help of lactaid


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