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Today’s guest is…. Dawn Pendleton

Excerpt from Broken Promises:

“So what did you want to talk about?”
She paused. “Well, there’s no easy way to say this, Luke.”
“Then just say it, Mallory. We’ve known each other too long to get tongue-tied.”
“You’re right. Last night, I brought you home and you mentioned Jason again. I even managed to get you to tell me how you knew about him. I’m sorry I told you about him after I’d been drinking the other night.”
“What, or rather, who, you do in Boston is your business, not mine,” I muttered.
“Don’t be an ass. I’m apologizing, especially if I gave you the impression I was still seeing him. I’m not.”
I tried to calm my rapidly beating heart. Did that mean she was single?
She waited for my response.
I wanted to sound nonchalant, but it came off sarcastic. The problem was, I was entirely too excited to hear she wasn’t seeing someone than I should have been.
“Good for you,” I said.
She seemed to need to spell it out. “I’m single.”
I sucked in a breath as she moved closer to me in the kitchen.
She trailed her delicate hand down my chest to the opening of my jeans. “It is good for me, but it’s also good for you.”
I swallowed hard. “What do you want from me?” I whispered, terrified of the answer.
“Just you, Luke. I’ve always wanted you,” she said slowly.
She put her hands around my neck and pulled me toward her. I knew, long before our lips touched, that she was going to break my heart again. But the knowledge didn’t stop me from wrapping my arms around her waist. Our bodies melded together as I put my lips on hers. She sighed and tightened her hands around my neck.

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About the Author:


Dawn Pendleton is a YA/NA author living in New England with her husband and pup. She can often be found reading when she’s not creating stories of her own!




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