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Easton… Before the Storm… <3

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This is not a simple story of first loves, this is an emotional yet touching look at life and how the smallest decisions can shape futures.

What you think you know can change before your eyes. Fathers abuse, mothers deceive, best friends betray, sisters dismiss, love controls, and anger consumes.

After graduating from high school, Easton Grace knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. His goal for the summer includes two things: avoiding his father’s wrath and protecting his sister. His carefully laid plans are quickly changed when a girl comes to town causing him to lose his tight grasp of control on everything, including himself.

Following years of sorrow, Taylor Monaco returns to a town she never wanted to see again but will forever call home. Her life was eternally changed by the people in this town, especially one boy. Her heart desires someone she’s not sure her soul can handle.

Can Easton and Taylor find their path before it’s too late – before the storm?

Note: Before the Storm is a prequel to Haven from the Storm but may be read in any order.

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Casey’s Review <3:

I honestly just finished Before the Storm, and couldn’t wait to write my review. Currently I’m an emotional wreck, crying like a baby, and at a complete understanding of Haven from the Storm.  This book is by far the most emotional book I have read in a while.  This book made me feel the book from beginning to end, but especially the end.

This is book #2, but actually is more like book #1. Before the Storm is the story of Easton, Lilly’s brother.   Easton has always been overprotective, and at times to a fault.  He doesn’t want to end up like his father- controlling, angry, and abusive.  He does everything in his power to change that and look out for his sister.  I will say it is almost a hindrance for both Lilly and Easton, but Easton does what he does because he cares for Lilly above anyone else… except maybe Taylor 🙂

Before the Storm is written in the past and present.  This allows you to know what happen that summer so many years ago when Taylor came to Kolby to visit her Aunt to escape her life from her parents and sick sister.  She is finally able to live.  Taylor feels that she is invisible to her parents.  She decides to allow Lilly and Easton to get close to her; she begins to live.  Her summer isn’t full of roses.  Instead she has to deal with a girl named Bailey who is nothing more than a mean girl.  I can’t comprehend Bailey’s reasoning for wanting to be mean to Taylor.  I felt that her life must be pretty miserable for her to have to take it out on Taylor.  My only other thought is that she wants Easton.  I mean dang, she was just taking out the trash, and from that point on she made her life hell.

When the book is in the present, Taylor is back in town.  Easton notices her, but can’t identify this girl across the gym.  All he knows is that he is drawn to her.  Lilly is the one makes the connection from the moment she sees her.  Within this book, you see Easton trying to reconnect with Taylor, Easton trying to keep Dean away from Lilly, and how one natural disaster impacts the lives of the characters in Haven from the Storm.

Before the Storm is a book that will have you with all of your emotions out on the table.  You want Easton ad Taylor to be together, but will that happen?  You see the impact that Grandma Violet makes on Dean, Easton, Taylor, and Lilly.  Your heart will hurt for Easton and Lilly’s home life.  I just wanted to take them both in my arms and protect them from their father.  When the book ends, you now understand the impact of that awful day when a tornado took lives, but lives end for many other reasons.

Before the Storm is a phenomenal story of how lives are impacted by child abuse, love of friends, natural disasters, overcoming your fears, finding your one true love, and living life to the fullest.  Personally, I know want to pic up Haven from the Storm and read it again.  I now know the full emotions of Lilly and Dean.  The story behind their story, and why a red hawk is so important!


Deleted Scene:

Unedited Deleted scene

Sometime between Chapter 15 and Chapter 19 – Before the Storm



I finally got away from my sister’s watchful eye. I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be today and even more importantly there wasn’t anywhere I wanted to be. I wanted a break, a timeout from life. Everything was spinning out of control because they were all losing their minds…or I was losing my mind, I wasn’t exactly sure.

I heard footsteps approaching in the dry sand of Sunflower beach.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” I yelled at Dean.

“Well I assume the same thing you’re doing here – trying to get away from you and everyone else.”

I didn’t respond I just glared at him.

“Lily’s upset.” He said like I didn’t know my own sister was unhappy and that we were the cause.

“I know! What did you say to her?” I demanded.

“I told her what you wanted me to, I told her we were done and we could never be.” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“No, that’s not what I wanted. I wanted you to stay away from her in the first place. Stay away from her until you grow up enough to deserve her.” I stood from my place on the rock and moved toward him. “Why would you think you could be with Lily when you were just messing with that red head? Are you trying to hurt her?”

“I didn’t do anything with Mindi. Not that I expect you to believe me, but it’s the truth. You’re determined to turn me into the bad guy and I think you’re doing a good job at it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped.

“The harder you push the more you hurt her, not me.”

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