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It’s all about the moon, luck, chaos and a titan! Adore Me by Jillian Dodd

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Casey’s Thoughts ❤

Adore Me by Jillian Dodd picks up where Love Me ends.  I’ve said before that The
Keatyn Chronicles
is like your favorite weekly TV show on the WB except you don’t get the sneak peak for the next episode. 😉  Keatyn is about to take a break from Eastbrooke, her friends, family, and life. That is until God of The Hotties shows up to crash that party along with Peyton. This is a novella, but honestly, this book shows a side of Keaytn that I have been waiting on.  Of course, there are several surprises on break. There is one in particular that doesn’t only make Keatyn
happy, but Peyton as well.

Adore Me is about building a foundation, independence, truth, faith, believing, love,
mistakes, luck, the moon, marking things off the list, a Titan,taking things slow, love at first sight, not giving up, and making wishes.

Who is moon boy?  That question will be in your face the entire novella, and boy is it!  This novella will have you swooning over Aiden, wondering if he is moon boy, and you will ask
yourself about fate!  Aiden stole my ❤ from the first dance; now he has melted it into a puddle. Needless to say I’m more in love with the Hottie God, and his love potion is defiantly working magic on me!   Needless to say, I’m suffering for an enormous HOTTIE HANGOVER today! (But it was totally worth it!)  Adore Me is live on Nov. 22, 2013.

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