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A Lussuria Review



An emotional erotic heart-wrenching story of lust, love and light

Alexis Evangeline Robertson is young, insecure and daunted with painful memories from her dark, tortured childhood.  She has rules, and she has boundaries.

She never lets anyone too close.

Lucca Caruso has the most mesmerising crystal azure blue eyes and a heart of gold.  When Lexi meets this Italian God, she doesn’t expect to see him again.

But fate intervenes.

While on vacation at a Villa in Val D’Orcia, near the Chianti hills outside of Florence, she is more than surprised to see Lucca arrive at the very same villa.  Lexi begins a journey of self-discovery, helplessly folding, melting and crumbling to the temptation of her heart’s desire.

After the desires of lust …

And the sweetness of love …

Lexi will spread her wings towards the light …

This is the story of one girl’s destiny to find her light from her sinister, dark and harrowing past and the one man who can take her there.

Chelly’s Thoughts ❤

Alexis “Lexi” Robertson has had an unimaginably brutal childhood, and because of that, she doesn’t trust anyone.  She vows never to let a stranger break the boundaries and touch her, and there are only a few people that are aware of her past and her scars, but these few people Lexi cares for deeply.  Now as an adult, she works as a physiotherapist, lives with her brother, Cameron, her dog, Doris, and her best friend, Hazel, and deals with her past by mentally filing everything away.  When Lucca comes into her office to get his back checked out, she immediately feels things towards him she’s never felt before.

Lucca Caruso is an Italian God with a hot body, the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, and a heart of gold.  Unbeknownst to Lexi, he owns Club di Energia where she works, and he is drawn to Lexi right away when he goes into her office.  He can’t figure out why she won’t give in to him or answer his questions, but he is determined to find out more about her.

When Lexi goes on a two week holiday with Hazel to Italy for cooking classes, the last person she expects to see is Lucca.  Because of her past, she thinks he has to be stalking her and she has a full-blown panic attack in front of everyone.  When Lucca takes it upon himself to care for Lexi and she finds herself alone with him, the chemistry is undeniable, but she still won’t break her rules.  Can she let go of her past enough to open up to a real relationship?  Can Lucca convince her of her beauty, scars and all?  Can she trust him with her deepest secrets or will it only push him away?

File under S for sexy times…lots of them!  This book was steamy!  I can’t help but feel like it moved way too fast in a lot of parts and it was a little unbelievable, but it’s fiction, right?  Who doesn’t want a super sweet, attentive, emotional, and HOT Italian god to worship them?  I loved how the author was so colorful and descriptive, and I couldn’t help but feel for the characters.  I’m looking forward to more from Lexi and Lucca!


“Do you trust me?” he asks.

I can’t believe we are having this conversation.

“It’s complicated”.

“That’s not what I asked, and you know it, just answer the question Lexi do you trust me?” He demands.

I pause then tell him the only thing I can, I tell him the truth…

“I don’t trust anybody” then look down at my hands. I have said too much and offended him.

“I am sorry Lucca, I don’t mean to hurt you, it’s the truth, and you said you wanted to know what’s on my mind”.  I feel the need to justify my answer.  Lifting my chin up, he stares into my eyes, contemplating what I have told him.

“Are you upset with me?” I ask pitifully.

“No I ‘m not upset, now we are getting somewhere if you are telling me the truth, the trust thing is something we will just have to work on” he says with compassion.

“Do you still think of me as a stranger?” he asks.

“Kind of” I say shyly,

“Kind of…?  Well we will just have to do something about that and become more intimately acquainted” he grins with that sexy dimple smile before claiming my mouth showing me just how he intends to get to know me better,

Sweet Jesus… his expert tongue assaults mines with lustful passion, carnal hunger and intense seduction.

Fuck File P for Panties will be dropping just directly…


About the Author


SJ Molloy, first time British Author of ‘The Luminara Series’ was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a young child, her family moved and raised her in Lanarkshire, Scotland where she currently resides with her husband, two daughters and her energetic, hyperactive loving gun dog who is utterly spoiled.

SJ is a qualified Fitness Instructor and Health & Fitness Motivator of various fitness styles and disciplines. Music and dance aerobics have always been a pleasure and passion for her. SJ will sporadically make up dance style routines at any hour of the day when a move comes to her or piece of music moves or inspires her.  Currently not teaching classes she is focusing her time into nurturing her yearning passion for creative writing, exchanging one visualisation for another.

As a child, SJ loved to write in journals and make up short stories and has a flare for all things creative. With an overactive imagination at times, SJ adores to make notes, visualise scenes and settings to create characterisations.

While on holiday with her family one summer reading book after book, she had a flash of inspiration and has had various ideas whirling around in her mind ever since. It was not until she pulled back on teaching classes that she found the courage, time and insight into actually bringing these ideas to life.

In February 2013 she decided to bring that imagination to light by beginning her writing  journey with ‘Lussuria’ the first instalment in ‘The Luminara Series’ available from late October 2013.

Being a self-confessed book junkie, she loves nothing better than to get lost in an emotional and moving book. A true romantic at heart, her guilty pleasure is reading heart-warming, passionate stories and falling in love with her favourite fictional characters.

With five books already mapped out in ‘The Luminara Series’, SJ’s busy creative mind has already planned two more fictitious novels, both stand-alone romance books and very different in their own right.

When she is not writing or reading, spending time with family and friends or exercising and walking her dog, SJ loves all things practical and creative. Dancing, music, cooking, travelling, good food and wine and painting are her favourite past times along with laughter, lots and lots of laughter.



Please note, website is work in progress, still being worked on just now but all live











email – author@sjmolloy.com

email – info@sjmolloy.com

email – authorsjmolloy@gmail.com



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