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Run for Love by Anna V. Moore

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Gia is a successful business woman. She is smart, kind and very attractive. She thinks she has everything she wants in life until she meets Joe. He is a sexy, successful man. Run for Love follows their story.

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“Please, Scott, for seven years I’ve loved working here, even though I work fifty to sixty hours a week. I love running with you and going to charity events with you, but most of all, I love being myself with you. I’ve never felt that I had to prove myself to you or that I had to explain our amazing relationship to anyone. I’ve always felt blessed to have the best, and I mean best, boss in the world. But I’ve never thought of us beyond that. I certainly never thought you did either. It scares me to hear you say these things.”


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Chelly’s Thoughts ❤

 Gia Marcone has the life everyone wants.  At 29, she’s beautiful, smart, has a great job with a wonderful boss, but she still looks forward to her annual 2 week vacation to the Jersey shore.  The first week is always spent alone – reading, lounging on the beach, and just relaxing.  Week two gets a little more exciting when her best friends from college show up.  This year’s retreat isn’t proving to be very relaxing at all, all because of the hot stranger she sees at the grocery store.  He keeps popping up everywhere and she asks him to leave her alone but he won’t give up.

Joe Manzione is Mr. tall, dark, and handsome from the grocery store.  He is immediately attracted to Gia, and when he overhears her plans, he decides to “accidentally” run into her.  Gia denies him at first but he won’t give up that easily, he has to know more about her.

Gia has been burned in the past by a guy, so her reluctance to Joe is understandable, but how long can she resist him?  When Gia’s friends make it into town, Joe brings some of his own, and it proves to be a good time for everyone.  When it’s time to go back to the real world, can their relationship withstand the distance?

My biggest complaint for this story is that everything seemed so fast-paced and sort of skimmed over.  I would have loved to see more detail in some of the situations.  However, there was a surprising turn of events near the end that I wasn’t expecting and I enjoyed that.  Run For Love is a solid debut from Anna V. Moore, and I enjoyed seeing Joe and Gia fall for each other.  I look forward to seeing her grow as an author.

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