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She came in like a Hurricane -Damaged by Nina D’Angelo


Title- Damaged

Series- Outlaws Series # 1

By- Nina D’Angelo

Expected Publication Date- February 28th, 2014


Before Stephanie Carovella had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, she was damaged.

Stephanie Carovella has been running from her past all her life. The survivor of a brutal attack which left her best friend dead, she has carefully built a protective wall around herself, but she knows sooner or later her past is going to catch up with her.

It’s why she doesn’t want to fall in love. It’s why she doesn’t want to let anyone get too close.

Dominic Delaney works hard and plays just as hard. He’s a love ‘em and leave ‘em guy who doesn’t believe in forever until Stephanie walks into Outlaws. She is wild, unpredictable and dangerous as hell, yet, he’s drawn to her.

He needs to know the secrets behind her eyes. He can’t walk away.

A sexy, tattooed womanizer, Dominic Delaney’s everything Stephanie wants to avoid. She knows she should stay the hell away from him, but he makes her want to stop running.

Sometimes, even the Damaged deserve to fall in love.

Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18048276-damaged?from_search=true

Casey’s Thoughts <3<3<3<3<3

I have loved Stephanie Corvella’s character since the moment I read Nowhere to Run.  It was a heart pounding, adrenaline producing, suspenseful novel with just a hint of a love aspect.  Nowhere to Hide was was the same, but Damaged… oh, my, my!  I feel in love with Dominic Delaney because to be honest, I just wasn’t so sure of him until this book.

Before there was talk of Dominic and their relationship, but now I totally get why he was the love of Stephanie’s life.

In Damaged, we learn about what things were like when Stephanie and Dominic met.  He ran a bar called Outlaws, and Stephanie would come in a late at night.  Finally, deciding to make a move on”Hurricane” Stephanie as she is called, an attraction is created that goes to the soul.

Stephanie has a haunting past and has never bared it all to anyone, not even her boyfriend, Ben.  Ben has been there for her, but doesn’t truly understand the life that Stephanie has been a victim too… that all changes when she falls for Dominic.  She’s an open book, and this has never happened in her life.

Damaged is a book that will open your eyes into the past of Stephanie and Dominic, but will leave you wanting more.  There is one major twist and a major complication within their relationship.  When I finally put the pieces together, I was like OMG!  No wonder he was like he was in the other two books!  I’ll leave you guess on which character I’m referring to.

Damaged is a fabulous novel with love, heartbreak, friendships, mystery, and a look into Stephanie and Dominic’s past.

**On a side note, every time I hear Dustin Lynch’s “Hurricane” all I can see is Stephanie Corvella**

~My recommendation is this… if you haven’t ready Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide, start there because you will understand how much all the characters really are intertwined once you begin to read Damaged.~

About the Author

Nina D'Angelo

Nina D’Angelo is the best-selling author of the Stephanie Carovella series. Her first novel, Nowhere to Run was released in February 2013 and reached #86 on the Amazon Top 100. Her second novel, Nowhere to Hide was released in August 2013.

They are both available in Paperback and ebook format.

Damaged is the prequel to the Stephanie Carovella series and the first in the Outlaws series. Nina has already started working on Deadly Secrets, the third in the Stephanie Carovella series and Shattered, the second in the Outlaws series. Both are slated for a 2014 release.


Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6810732.Nina_D_Angelo

Twitter- https://twitter.com/janinedangelo

Website- http://www.ninadangelo.com/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ninadangeloauthor

Facebook Event- https://www.facebook.com/events/248533191988862/


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