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Secret Behind Those Eyes @SMDonaldson1is LIVE!


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Scarlet Leigh Johnson hasn’t had the easiest life, it’s been full of heartbreak and abandonment issues. So when she’s accepted to her dream school in her hometown of Savannah Georgia she’s ecstatic. Only one thing steps in her way. Community Service. She lost her temper just a little bit and now has to pay her dues. Her plan now, just get through this and never look back. Go to SCAD and make her dreams come true. That is until the biggest, cockiest, smartass she’s ever met crosses her path. She doesn’t want to deal with another pre-Madonna rich boy. But behind all of his smartass quips she’s sees the pain he’s hiding in his eyes.

Ryder Grayton Abbott is a Cotton heir and all about having a good time. Until one nights good time lands him community service. His plan is to muscle through it and get it over with. Just a few weeks building a house and he could go back to working on his farm and having a playboy lifestyle. Women he loves women, he just doesn’t trust them. They all want something from him. That is until he meets Scarlet. She wants nothing from him except maybe to kick his ass if he talks to her. He can see the fear that lies deep in her eyes. He wants her he can’t explain it, maybe it’s just a self-challenge, since he’s pretty sure she hates him. He knows she doesn’t trust him and he’s pretty sure he doesn’t blame her.
Meet two people that have a bundle of insecurities and need each other more than they realize.

This is the first book in the spin-off series from the Amazon Bestselling Temptation Series.



Just when I thought I was going to be having a boring Friday night…

I figured I’d be sitting at home or hitting up some local bar, but my buddy Judd just got stationed down at Ft. Stewart and he got a pass for the night. We’re going to hit up some little bars down in Richmond Hill. It’ll be good to have a few beers with him. I think he’s going to be deployed soon and he’s like a brother to me. Good thing we both had some great fake IDs made two years ago.

When we pull my Jeep Wrangler into the parking lot of the Swampy Tonk, I can tell tonight is going is going to be interesting. I look two spots over and see the bright red Camaro that picked up Scarlet today. Hmm, so this is where they started their night off.

We walk into to the bar and I see her across the room, dancing with her friend. “Judd, I may need you to keep that little raven haired beauty on the dance floor busy tonight.”

“Damn, bro, I don’t think that’ll be a problem for me.”

A nice slow song pipes up just in time for Judd to make his way over to Scarlet’s friend and ask her to dance. Scarlet make her way to the bar and so do I.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

While turning her head, she smiles. “Sure.” Until she sees that it’s me offering. “Ugh, damn, just my luck. No, I’ll get my own drink, thanks.”

“I just want to buy you a drink to say sorry.”


I motion for the bartender to give her another and I get a beer for myself. “Didn’t think I would run into anyone I knew down here.”

“We came here to get away from the locals and celebrate my birthday.” She has a cute little slur going on.

“So it’s your birthday?” I ask.

“No, it was a few weeks ago, but I’ve been kinda busy.”

“Wow, well, I’ll buy you another drink for your birthday then.”

“No thanks. We also came down here for the cute military guys. See? My friend’s already found one.”

I laugh. “That’s my best friend, Judd. He’s who I came here with tonight.”

“Great,” she says.

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About the Author

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Photos by Shelly Sale

S.M. Donaldson is a wife and mother based on the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle. She’s funny, sarcastic and has been known to have a potty mouth. She’s worked in many different fields in her life but, she has always dreamed of writing short stories and books. She recently penned her first series of novels Sam’s Choice and Sam’s Fight for Freedom. She is currently working on The Temptation Series.

To learn more about S.M. Donaldson visit her at:




Twitter: @ SMDonaldson1



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