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FLAT-OUT CELESTE by Jessica Parks

Chelly’s Thoughts <3<3<3<3<3

If you’re anything like me, you fell in love with Celeste in Flat-Out Love a while back, and never even thought of the possibility of her getting her own story. I am sooo thankful that Jessica Park decided to tell Celeste’s story, and that we are able to see how she turned out. Matt and Julie have a big part in this story, too, but I won’t go into that here.

Celeste Watkins is now a senior in high school. To her parents, she’s Miss Popularity, has tons of friends, and loves school. In reality, she spends her days in school just trying to blend in, to not draw attention to herself, and to ignore the mean names she gets called on a regular basis – weirdo, freak, loser, and worse. Her goal is to just survive high school, then go off to any one of the many Ivy League schools she was accepted to. In college, things will be different. She won’t have to worry about the social awkwardness, the anxiety she feels in crowds, she can just focus on her studies…or so she thinks. Now, she just has to decide where she wants to go.

Cue Justin Milano, the really cute, super ADD, perfect match for Celeste. He is a student at Barton College in California, and starts emailing Celeste to try to convince her to attend. Celeste loves the conversations they have through emails, but she has no intention of ever meeting him or going to Barton…until he shows up at her house. What she thought was only him trying to convince her to go to his school soon turns into more, and *gasp* her first date?! Celeste knows she’s beautiful (by society’s standards) on the outside, but no one will ever stick around once they get to know her quirks and eccentricities. And no one can EVER know about her past with Flat Finn. Justin says no one ever sticks around him, either, they get annoyed with his clumsiness and attention issues pretty fast. Could they be perfect for each other?

Celeste tries to create a new identity for herself, but with the help of Justin, along with some new friends from school, Dallas and Zeke, Celeste is slowly learning that being herself is okay. She’s making it through situations that normally would cause her panic, no one is even making fun of her, and she’s finding herself with actual friends to sit with at school. Life is looking up for her…but will it last? Or, at the first sign of trouble, will she block everyone out again?

I flat-out LOVED this story, everything about it. I loved Celeste’s naïveté, her wording/language, her attitude, and I was so happy for her and all of the “first” experiences she was able to have that she thought was out of her reach. Drunk Celeste is hands-down my favorite, absolutely hilarious! I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I smiled…I couldn’t get enough. Thank you, Jessica Park, for your talent and awesomeness! Looking forward to more from you!


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