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Forgiveness of Summer by SM Donaldson



Silas Manning’s life has always been built on expectations, mostly those of others – his mother, his grandmother, basically the entire town. The one person who always accepted him for him pulled away years ago and he really doesn’t understand why. Now, he feels like he’s facing defeat and embarrassment all on his own, and paying for mistakes that aren’t even his.
Growing up with just her dad, Simone Whitman has done a great job of taking care of herself. Her dad is a great man, but he’s a dad. When it came to matters of the heart, she was all on her own. That’s why when her best friend broke her heart, she locked it up, and she doesn’t plan on giving it to anyone again. If that means never falling in love, so be it. She can’t handle the heartache of someone else leaving her behind and letting her down again.
When life gets turned upside down for these two, will they let each other back in and help each other through the hard times? Can they get over the past and start anew?

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Silas Manning & Simone Whitman grew up together, helping each other through their crappy lives and were the best of friends – until Silas became the star player or their high school football team. Suddenly, Simone felt there was no room in Silas’ life for her. She didn’t get along with the cheerleaders he was now hanging out with and they only made fun of her anyway, which Silas knew nothing about. He knew he was losing his best friend, he was just clueless and couldn’t figure out why.

Silas heard rumors that Simone was sleeping around and it broke his heart. He couldn’t understand why she didn’t want him. Simone knew Silas wanted the prettier, more popular girls, and he could have them. He broke her heart, and she was determined not to let anyone in again. Her solution? Whenever she felt the need, she’d just find an out-of-town stranger to satisfy her.

One summer, Silas finds himself in the middle of a college football scandal and he could lose everything. He goes back to his hometown and finds work at Simone’s dad’s lake resort until everything gets settled and he can figure out which direction his life is going. What he wasn’t expecting was for his feelings for Simone to still be there, and he definitely wasn’t expecting the bitter Simone he’s seeing.

He never got over her, and she never got over him. Can they clear the air of the misunderstandings in the past and work things out? When Simone receives terrible news, can she count on Silas to be there for her and not run off again? Silas has his own problems, will they prove to be too much for the couple?

Forgiveness of Summer is a short, sweet novella about the past, misunderstandings, forgiveness, and moving forward. If you’re looking for a quick summer getaway into the lives of two loving smartasses, this one’s for you. Be on the lookout for the other stories in the Seasons of Changes series, S.M. Donaldson never disappoints!

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