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The Love Song Box Set is LIVE

Whiskey Lullaby: (Revised and Extended)
Jase lived the last nine years drowning in whiskey, while Julie sung a lonely lullaby. Can they find a way to give their whiskey lullaby a happy ending?

Brandon’s wounded; Bethany’s broken. Can these two shattered souls heal each other?
I Hope You Dance:
Join the Walker and Gibson families as they
learn to dance.

Whiskey Lullaby:
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
I look at the floor, too nervous to
look in his eyes. “I had only known for about a week. I hadn’t told anyone
but Bethany. I only told her because I needed someone to buy the pregnancy
test.” I take a deep breath and continue. “I was still trying to wrap
my head around it. I was scared, but I was going to tell you. I just wasn’t
“Are you sure you weren’t
planning on running again? Maybe you’re thinking about keeping this one to
yourself too?”
His words feel like a slap. I look
up at him. He’s smiling at me in a way that says he knows he’s being an ass.
“No! It never even crossed my mind.” 
He walks over to the window and
looks out at Jenny and her friends playing. “Every time I think about the
years I’ve missed with her, I want to hate you.” He’s silent for a moment,
then turns to look at me.  “Why the
fuck can’t I hate you?”
I shake my head sadly. “I
don’t know. Why can’t I hate you?”
“You deserve to marry someone you
love, not someone that you’re trying to protect. You need to find a wom…”
He stops my words by placing a hand
over my mouth. “You love me?”
I play back all the things I’ve
just said, realizing what I had blurted out. 
Oh my God, no.  I try to speak,
but his hand is still blocking my mouth. 
He slowly moves it, resting it on my jaw.  “Do you love me, Bethany?”
“I, uhmm, I…”  The words just won’t come out.  How can you explain to a man you just met
that you have been in love with him for years? After a moment’s hesitation, I
decide to go with the truth.  “I fell in
love with your letters.”
I Hope You Dance:
“It’s been bad, huh?  You’re parents being in love and all, I’m
sure it was shit.”
His words cause me to flinch
because I know I caused pain.  Reed’s
parents divorced when he was barely more than a baby.  He rarely saw his dad growing up.  On the few occasions he did, his mother would
throw such a fit that it ruined any time he and his dad had together.  “No, it hasn’t been bad.”
“It’s awesome that they still love
each other so much, after all these years. 
That’s how I want us to be.  I
never want either one of us to forget how we feel today.”
I tighten my arms around him. “I’ll
do my best to make sure we feel the same way when we’re old and gray.”
“You know how to make that happen?”
he asks as his body starts to relax against mine. 
Leaning down to whisper in my ear,
he says, “Smile at me every time you see me, tell me you love me every day, and
give me head as often as possible.”

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