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**PRESS RELEASE** #ItCameFromNashville

“It Came From Nashville” TV SERIES


Movie & Music Network To Debut “It Came From Nashville”

            “It Came From Nashville, “ the new TV series created by singer-songwriter Tonya Watts, is set to debut on The Movie & Music Network.

            Based on Watts’ successful ‘Songwriters In The Round’ monthly gatherings at West Hollywood’s famed Genghis Cohen club, the series showcases prominent Nashville songwriters who have come west to Los Angeles to avoid the stifling creative atmosphere of their hometown. Songwriters not only perform their work, but also discuss their creation process in a supportive, roundtable atmosphere.

             “I started this to honor the creators of song, whether they’re writer-performers or songwriters who write for other performers,” says the photogenic Watts, who is part of a group of like-minded Southerners now residing in Los Angeles, including Levi Kreis, Austin Hanks, Travis Howard and others.

            She also appears in the upcoming indie feature “Finding Harmony” with Billy Zane. She and her guitar player John Schreffler Jr. also recently returned from an appearance at Norway’s Ose Country Music Festival, and, if that weren’t enough, she has launched a hemp-based skincare line called Dazey Hemp. Still, she may be most excited about her television debut.

             “This really takes a traditional music show and goes one step further,” says Movie & Music CEO Martin W. Greenwald. “We’re very pleased to welcome Tonya and the show to our growing lineup of original content.”

            The Los Angeles-based internet content provider is co-producing “It Came From Nashville” with Watts.

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