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It’s time for fun in the sun! #HoneymoonsAreOverrated



Honeymoons are Overrated

Author: Libby Thomas

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Lisa Jenson is an accomplished attorney who gets what she wants in an out of the courtroom.  At least she did, until she met Chad Foster.  Her best friend insists that Chad is actually a great guy, but Lisa’s instincts force her to keep her distance.  When Lisa finds herself on a plane bound for an island honeymoon with none other than the Chad Foster, she has to change her tactics.
Chad Foster is an up and coming landscape architect who understands women.  He knows that Lisa will come around and when she does he is patiently waiting on her.  Chad anticipated the sparks they would set off in the bedroom but he did not anticipate falling in love.

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Casey’s Thoughts <3<3<3<3

When you best friend isn’t able to attend her honeymoon and it’s all-inclusive, why should it go to waste?  There just might be a catch, a honeymoon is for two people, right?
When Lisa agrees to get away so that her best friends all-inclusive package doesn’t go to waste, she doesn’t expect to have to share the trip with Chad. Knowing that there aren’t any singles on the island, they are forced to either get along or leave the next day.
Chad has been head over heels for Lisa since he first saw her, but he knows that she continues to run from him.  This week he plans on making her realize that he’s not a bad guy.
As Lisa and Chad decide to have sex with no strings attached, lines get crossed and Lisa has to decide will their relationship continue when they return to the real world.
Honeymoons are Overrated is a carefree and fun story of romance, friendships, and putting yourself out there.  I recommend it love when the good guy wins and you fall for him yourself!


“I’m sorry it took me so long to do this. Why don’t you look stressed out?”

“There’s nothing for me to stress about. The dress is going to fit you perfectly.” Sam said as she ushered Lisa into the changing booth that already had her dress in it. “Besides, the golf course is handling almost everything. All I have to do is show up. And pick up my family at the airport of course.”

“When are they flying in?”

“Tomorrow morning.” Sam winced. “Even though we tried to book flights three months ago this was the earliest we could get everyone in. Unless they all took a week off and flew in last weekend.”

“Ugh, what would you have done with them for a week?”

“Killed them. I’m sure”

“Who all’s coming?”

“Mom and Dad, T. W. and Sarah, Rick, Grandma, Pap, all of my parents’ brothers and sisters and about ten of my cousins.”

“Holy cow!”

“Yes. There are thirty-four of them.”

“That’s half the plane.”

“We got a group rate. Do you have that dress on yet or are you taking a nap in there?”

Lisa opened the door, and turned around. “Can you zip me?”

“Of course.” They looked at the mirror together. It was a simple strapless dress in royal blue. It fit Lisa like a glove and she looked perfect.

“See no reason to stress.”

“It’s beautiful.” Lisa said. “Are you sure you want me to wear this?”

“What did you think I would make you wear?”

“I’ve never been a bridesmaid before but I thought there was some sort of bylaw requiring some God-awful pink tulle creation.”

“Not for you, gorgeous.” Sam winked at her. “Chad’s going to choke on his tongue.”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “We got lunch today.”

“What? You got lunch with Chad?”




“Is he still living?”

“Of course he’s still living. What kind of question is that?”

“Are you perhaps softening towards him?”

“Don’t be silly. We were comparing our speeches for the toasts.”

“Well that seems like a perfectly reasonable excuse to have lunch with the second hottest man I know.” Sam said tongue in cheek.

“It was a short lunch.”

“How are the speeches?”

“We don’t have them yet. In fact, do you think there is any chance we could skip them?”



“Yes. Luke and I both agree that ninety percent of weddings are useless pomp. The only parts we are serious about are the I Do’s and the cake.”

“For a girl who almost had apoplexy over the decision to move in with him, you are certainly taking this ‘til death do us part business in stride.”

Sam beamed. “What can I say? I’m in love.”

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just meAuthor Bio

Libby Thomas is a social worker by day and writer by night.   She has been an avid reader of romance novels since she was 12 years old when she had to sneak them off of her mother’s night stand.

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