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There’s always an end to a chase! #ChasingCarson by Amanda Bennett is live!



Chasing Carson (U.S. Marshal Series 2) by Amanda Bennett


Carson: My life was flipped upside down when my sister miraculously came back from the dead, and unfortunately I was left feeling like I was back in her shadow, yet again. But all that seemed to fade away once he came strutting through my front door. He was beautiful beyond words, and had a way of talking that would make any girl fall for him, but that was the problem. Now I found myself fighting every urge to be with him, regardless of how much my heart ached for him.

Ruger: I had never met anyone like her in my entire existence. She was snarky and sassy, and that was exactly what I loved about her. She wasn’t susceptible to my charm like most other girls, and that made the chase, that much more rewarding. I need her and want her all the same, but unfortunately for me my life and career tend to get in the way. Sometimes you have to have faith to get the one thing you’ve always wanted, but would she want me in return after knowing the real me?

Casey’s Thoughts <3<3<3<3<3

Chasing Carson is a story of a girl. One who pretends to be someone she’s not, but in doing so, she puts herself in danger. After the return of her sister Lyndley, Carson feels life is back to how it used to be- she’s just imaginary.

Ruger, her future bro-in-laws bff and another US Marshal knows that there is something between he and Carson. Each time he thinks things might work between them, Carson pulls away and hauls ass the opposite direction. Not to mention her daddy is anti-Rugar.

As their worlds collide, Carson sees something she shouldn’t. They are forced to rely on each other. When Ruger is put in harms way, Carson realizes she can’t live without him. It's time to stop pretending to be someone she not and to be Carson.

This story is another fabulous read by Amanda Bennett. There’s love, hottness, suspense, action and a few other surprises you won’t see coming. If you loved Protecting Lyndley then you will love Carson’s story… not to mention fall head over heels for Ruger!

Purchase Link: http://tinyurl.com/kr5nfpj

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