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DIRTY RUSH a novel by Taylor Bell


From the creative minds behind Babe Walker (author of the New York Times bestselling White Girl Problems series) comes DIRTY RUSH by Taylor Bell (Gallery Books; On-sale: January 13, 2015; Trade Paperback; $16.00).

Taylor Bell’s account of her freshman year at CDU is an unfiltered peek behind the curtain of Greek life. When she gets to school, Taylor has zero-to-no interest in joining a sorority, but – coming from a long line of Beta Zetas – the sisters won’t just let Taylor blow them off. Ultra-boozy, crazy-cool, and hilariously bitchy, the BZ sisters lure Taylor into a world that’s one jacked-up, X-rated party after another. Even if she has to put up with fast-food bans and other rules imposed by unofficial boss bitch, Collette Winter, she is having the time of her life and she quickly learns that some of these girls are true friends.

But when a lewd sex tape is leaked – featuring a girl who looks shockingly like Taylor – some seriously f**cked up Kardashian sh*t hits the fan. Has Taylor gone off the deep end? Is someone trying to frame her? Taylor could lose everything she fought (and partied) for, unless she figures out how to survive this scandal.

DIRTY RUSH is slated to be turned into a Major Motion Picture by Tristar/Sony Pictures with Elizabeth Banks as Producer. 

Rebecca Martinson – the former Delta Gamma sister responsible for the scathing, expletive-filled email that verbally assaulted her chapter for being “so f**cking boring” at social functions and more – has written the book’s Foreword and helped authenticate DIRTY RUSH’s no-holds-barred depiction of “going Greek.” Rebecca’s email was infamous and went viral in April 2013 – originally posted on Gawker, it now has over 5.2 million unique page views.

Casey’s Thoughts <3<3<3<3<3

Well, I’’m def not a sorority chick because there were none at my college, but OMGEEEEEEEEEE! WTF! Holy shit Batman!  Yeah, that pretty much sums Dirty Rush up in a nut shell from page one.  Never in my life did I really think it was as movies portrayed, but this was nothing short of amazing.

Taylor has just stepped foot onto Central Delaware University.  Sorority life wasn’t why she went, but she was destined to fall into.  With the help of the Active Beta Zeta’s, Taylor is pulled into the sorority life, and finds a group of friends like none other as well a hottie from Omega Sig.

Taylor is living the life of a sorority girl, student, and balancing a new love interest when she goes home for break.  Little does she know that the bomb her sister drops on her will allow a new insight into BZ.  This insight will also rock her college world and flip it upside down.  Taylor along with a few true friends discover who’s behind it, and instead of bringing her down, the b**** self destructs!

I absolutely loved the dialogue and the way it was written.  There were times within the story I was appalled, smiled, felt as if I was a BZ myself, and literally laughed out loud.  Jane’s convo with the store clerk that was f*****g priceless!

If your looking for a book that is the #truth then Dirty Rush is the book for you.  The fact that people so close to you can be so cruel is nothing new in this world, but to lay it out there like this… Taylor Bell it shows how strong you are!


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About the Author:

TAYLOR BELL is a freshman at Central Delaware University. She’s a third-generation Beta Zeta, her favorite band is The Smiths and she grew up with a pug named Percy, until her mom backed into the poor thing while drunk, crushing his sweet little pug skull. So, she’s a tough cookie. After having her life turned completely upside down by the girls of BZ, she had no choice but to tell her story. Dirty Rush is that story, and that story is this book, and this book is Dirty Rush.

In reality, Taylor Bell, is the brainchild of Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, co-creators of the much-loved Twitter account that started it all, White Girl Problems (@whitegrlproblem), as well as the blog, http://www.BabeWalker.com.



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