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The best birthday present ever!

How many of you have one gift you’ve gotten over the years that you never forget? What was it? A Southern Fried Chics dress, a new pair of boots, or even the lastest iPhone? Or have you ever gotten sometime bigger and not materialistic?

For me, it’s what I received on my birthday in 2013 that will is the most memorable. See for me, my life had begun to change. I no longer was just a high school special education teacher, but I was also an aspiring author. Not many people in my small town knew I was publishing a book within the next month, but one man believed in me from the moment I was born. That was my Pawpaw Dover, and on my birthday in 2013 he gained his angel wings.

I know most of you are like what in the world, but for me that was the most precious present I could have received. Let me give you a little insight into that day. Below is a note for readers at the end of Southern Perfection. It was published one year later.

A Note from Casey Peeler

On my birthday, August 23, 2013, my world was rocked. I lost one of the most influential men in my life, my pawpaw. From the day I was born on August 23, 1981, until the day he passed, August 23, 2013, I believed the sun set in him, just as he did me. See, I was “his girl,” but I was also his caregiver in the final days. He has been one of my biggest supporters on this journey as an author, but yet, he didn’t get to see me hit Publish.

     Halfway through the Full Circle Series, I knew Southern Perfection would have to be written, but honestly, until the words were written on the pages, I never knew the impact it would have on my soul.

     Southern Perfection isn’t just a good ol’ country romance. It’s a story of family, taking the good with the bad, always being positive in life regardless the situation, and becoming the person you are destined to become while your loved ones look down and smile upon you each day.

     I hope and pray that every one of you that reads this novel has a Sunshine in your life, because even though mine is no longer with me physically, he still continues to shine through me each day.

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Each of us have memories that stands out in our lives. For me, this day was a blessing and honor. It’s another memory that I will hold dear. So, as we celebrate the “birthday” of the United States independence find a memory to hold close to your heart and take time to hold onto the ones you love!

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